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Alex is by far one of the most professional, timely, and reliable photographer I've had the pleasure of meeting. When you inquire about his services, he responds immediately and will even text you if that is more convenient. He quickly commits, reassures you that he will be at your event early, and is very communicative and understanding to your needs.

He apparently has a photo booth for events too, which I'm excited to hire him for our next event and check out. Reach out to Alex, you 100% won't regret it!

Grace M

I met Alex at the Wedding Expo and was intrigued with the giant wedding posters and photo sign in pictures.  He was very engaging and upfront about his approach and his style.  As any conscientious shopper would do and Alex being the first vendor, my wife and I shopped around and eventually, decided Alex would be our best choice.  Couldn't be happier with Alex and his team 2 years later.

Alex and his team went WAY above and beyond to meet our needs.  We had an engagement shoot at UW and he met us there.  We needed him for our Tea Ceremony on a different day and he availed himself just for that.  On our wedding day over a long weekend, Alex made sure he was with the bride's side all day while another photographer was with the groom's at a different location.  We then all joined together for more pictures.

Alex has a special way to connect with people and to be able to get my 96 year old Grandma who's in a wheelchair to smile for an everlasting picture is priceless.  He and his team spent ALL DAY with us on our special day taking pictures.

Let's talk what's important:  His exceptionally competency in his craft.  Our venue at the Foundry was indoor and at times, it can be dark.  However, Alex and his team were able to capture the important moments with the perfect lighting and angle.  The quality of our pictures turned out amazing.

On top of that, let's not forget the extra memory of a movie poster and the creative idea of a sign in picture where guests can sign their names to memorialize our special day.  We now have an giant movie poster of us AND a framed art piece with all our guests.  What a unique concept other vendors simply don't have.  Even more extra is the high quality photo album that Candy will walk you through with her awesome editing to capture all the important moments from A to Z.  Oh and the album is Made in Italy:)

Overall, for such a stressful day, Alex and his team worked hard to show his talent and alleviate the stress. With so many choices, we hired a photographer that we would rave and recommend this point forward without questions.  We are so blessed to have met Alex and his team.  Can't wait to create more memories and rest assured we'll hire Alex again!!!


I'm very picky and very specific with photos, since I'm very detailed and know what I like and don't like. And all I can say is that Alex is phenomenal. He is the best you can get in the USA!

We first found Alex through a friend's Cruise Wedding. I loved him so much that I booked him as my photographer/videographer before I even chose a venue.  Honestly before he even took photos for me, I was raving about him to all my friends and family. Even now, after the fact, I still stand by my decision. You need to book him!

We booked him 4 day, 3 nights at the Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort. During the stay, we wanted him to enjoy his time and so we welcomed him to join our party but gave him his space to explore. From the moment he arrived, he went exploring to find some good spots to take photos, get his creative juices flowing. Every night he would work on uploading photos onto his computer. We took his entire day on wedding day and he spent 3 hrs the next day to take some post wedding photos.


His style of photography can be very rigid and portrait, or can be very artistic and "outside the box." It just depends on what you like, and he will do it well for you. My style is the posed, artsy photos, but also needed the basic wedding group portrait photos. They came out beautifully. I would've loved to have them photoshopped but for the price, he cannot be beat! I also needed videography and with the help of one my friends, he was able to do it all, and do it well! He's absolutely fantastic.

We are very pleased with how the videos/photos turned out. You really are the cherry on top of how perfect our wedding was. Thank you Alex for making this part of our wedding so memorable and so perfect. You really worked with me to capture exactly what I wanted, especially with me being so specific with what I do and don't like. We enjoyed your company and can't wait to work with you again!

Denise D

Hi Alex.


John and I would like to just thank you for the bottom of our heart for bringing forever memories of our special day.  Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season and a busy wedding season for you to come. I got the video and greatly appreciate all your hard work. I love that glass sculpture shot that is inside museum so much I even have it up in my office at work for everyone to see.We wish you all the best with your wonderful talented vision and will definitely recommend you to everyone we know.


John and Stephanie 

I hired Alex to shoot my surprise proposal aboard a boat on Lake Union. The shots he took were incredible, he was flexible and willing to work with me through a few schedule changes, and his personality helped bring out some great photos! Thanks Alex!

Steven M

So this rating is from signing Alex up until our E session.  I'll update after the wedding.  We loved Alex's work from one of our friend's wedding so we knew this was the guy.  Regardless of the abundance of talent right here in the Bay Area.  We had to have Alex.  Plus, our friends said Alex was great to work with and very detailed.

Alex was very responsive with our inquiries and pricing and negotiating our package at signing (mind you this was all by email or phone).  I loved that the owner himself took the time to answer our questions as opposed to passing it on to his staff.  It showed he cared about his customers.  BTW, pricing is so reasonable.

So the E session came.   We were pretty stressed out all week because he asked us to send him photos of our outfits.  We didn't think our outfits would make the cut.  We showed up at the studio he welcomed us with open arms - literally gave us a hug - like we're old friends!  (outfits made the cut) 6 hours after the E session, we really did become old friends.  

Alex made the whole shoot so FUN, EASY, RELAXING.  We were laughing and goofing around the whole time (even in the library!)  Alex was really patient with us too.  He wanted us to be serious for some shots, but I couldn't stop laughing so we kept shooting until we got the right serious look.  

At the end of the day, fiancee and I agreed we're totally in great hands for the big day.  We're really excited for him to shoot our wedding.  Late that evening, Alex posted 3 teasers from the shoot on Facebook.  We've got nothing but compliments. is said and done.  Love Love Loved our photos.  Love Love Loved Alex. We've got nothing but compliments on the photos and about Alex.  Some guests even ordered photos from the proofing site.  Alex surpassed all of our expectations and then some. Alex has an eye for candid raw emotional shots.  I still cry when I look at our pictures.  We were definitely in great hands.

Sandy N

When I saw Alex's work I knew instantly he was the one that would do my wedding!  Not only did he do the wedding, he did our engagement shot and a boudoir shoot for me as well.  His artistic eye is something that cannot be matched.  I love the pictures we got in all three shoots.  I would not have done it differently even if I could.  Thank you Alex for capturing our memories beautifully.


 I got married two years ago and used Alex Studio as my photographers. I originally saw my friends photos and loved them so asked for her photographers info, which was Alex! For me, finding a photographer that was "our style" was important, and Alex was exactly it!
Long story short, we loved working with Alex studio. Our whole experience in General was great from his front desk person to Alex himself! I asked Alex to personally shoot my wedding and engagement photos which he did. My now husband and I loved working with Alex and he captured our photos how WE wanted them. He was so funny, easy going, and let us be US in our photos. Life was crazy and I didn't really get to look through all my photos in detail but I recently went through all my photos around our anniversary and as I was scrolling through all the photos, I seriously felt like I relived my wedding day! I couldn't believe ALL the details that were caught by Alex and his 2nd photographer he brought! They were ON it and the photos were aMAZING which Is why I recently contacted Alex again to ask if he did birthdays because my daughter will be turning one soon and I have been looking for a photographer but haven't found anyone I LOVED. First birthdays in my culture is like a mini wedding and I told Alex I needed to stay within a certain budget and he was able to work with me. I would recommend Alex studio to anyone who needs to get an important life moment captured. Capturing those moment are priceless and Alex and his team does a fantastic job and were great to work with!


We hired Alex as our wedding photographer. He also did our engagement shoot. We are sooooo happy with the results! Our wedding pictures came out beautifully!!! We loved all the action shots that were taken too, and the pictures really show how amazing our wedding was! Looking at the pictures felt like you were actually there experiencing the fun! I have gotten compliment after compliment on the photos. Alex and his team were very responsive during the process, always stayed in touch with us, answered any questions we may have had. Their prices are competitive with other wedding photographers. Candy at his office is also awesome!! I highly recommend them!


Since my husband is a photographer himself, I let him pick our wedding photographer.  After researching many photographers locally in Seattle and in Hawaii, he liked Alex Studio's work the most. We hired Alex Studios in 2014 for our engagement and wedding photos.
Alex was extremely dedicated and patient with us, always working to get the perfect shot. Anytime my husband or I had a question, Alex and Candy were always extremely responsive. Even after the wedding and with ordering our photo albums, they were always responsive and provided great customer service. I can't say I've received the same level of service from my other vendors post wedding.

Anne D

It was such a delight working with Alex. He took the time to listen to what we needed and wanted for our wedding.  After booking with Alex he immediately wanted to do engagement photos before the cherry blossom went away.  I wasn't ready to take pictures so soon for I haven't worked out,  tan ect.. what girls need to do. He said it was okay. Said he'll take pictures now and will give me an extra session later when I was ready.  Why not take up on that great offer! Every pictures came out amazing.  As if they should be in a catalog.  My family and friends would rave at how amazing the pictures were. Came my wedding day,  they arrived an hour earlier than expected.  The full team was catching every moment.  Making sure every family member got a shot with the bride and groom.  I couldn't be any happier with my pictures. They definitely looked professionally done.  Can't wait to use Alex again for my future family photos!

Tina N

We had our wedding at DeLille Cellar. I have to say that we chose Alex to be our photographer at the beginning because we were impressed with his artistic vision in wedding photography. After working with him, we knew that we couldn't ask for more and were so thankful to everything he had done for us, as a gifted professional wedding photographer, our dream maker, and our true friend. I still remember one thing that he kept reminding me when I was under the stress from wedding planning, "moments of the wedding will be your treasure forever". He said it and he did it for me! Alex and his team arrived unexpectedly early to prepare and left as the last group of the night to capture every single moment of joy and tear in my dream day. It was an unforgettable day in my life, and through his eyes, and lens, he kept my memory fresh and beautiful for me. Besides thousands of complements from friends and family, every time Paul and I looked at the pictures together, we saw the love in each other's eye again and again. We love the pictures not just because of his artistic vision and talent; it is also for his passion, thoughtfulness and emotion toward our story, which made our memories to be so touching. As a true friend of us Alex became along the way, we were blessed to have his support, understandings and his unique sense of humor. As a couple, our new journey has just begun, but we know many many years later, we will still be thankful and touching as today when we open our wedding album with our grandchildren. We will tell them our love story and once upon a time, there was a great wedding photographer who had magic to keep your beautiful memories alive... Alex, it was such an honor to know you and work with you! Thank you and we love you!

Paul & Vivian

Alex is the best. I really love working with him.He's fun to work with and he's paying attention to details. He did my pre-wedding pictures and my wedding pictures. He captured every single moment and the results were amazing. I am very happy and I hope to work with him again in the future for another special event. Thank you Alex for the beautiful pictures :)

Eva C

We were so excited to have Alex Studio shoot our wedding. We had them do our photos, video and photobooth. It was nice to have one team working these two elements and we didn't have to worry about if they were going to do a good job or not.  We went on facebook and saw a bunch of his work and they were amazing! He also shot our friend's wedding two years prior. They did such a fantastic job we had to have him.  Alex and his team's passion for photography and videography shined through on the day of the wedding.  They took into account all the things we wanted such as family photos and bridal shots, but provided additional creative suggestions and great and clear direction to make us look amazing. They had great vision and we are happy with what we've seen so far! Thank you Alex and your team for doing such an amazing job. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Rebecca L

We must say Alex studio and his team went way over what we expected. From the engagement photos, through video session, wedding pictures, wedding album, maternity and newborns album were speechless. We thought we would only used them for our wedding but went we saw there work we thought there the right photographer. And from there on we used them for any occasion. We get to know Alex and Candy pretty well and they are such a great team.  They are our #1 photographer for sure. We used them for everything and they never disappointed us with anything. They do such a good work. We will for sure be using them for everything now that we have a family of our own we will be using them more. I would definitely recommend of using Alex Studio for any kind of photographer. The #1 photographer in Seattle! There the best! There work is awesome and there awesome people!

Aiza P

Alex Studio surpassed our expectations! From our all seasons engagement shoot to the Wedding day, Alex has shown us how passionate he is with his profession which truly reflected from his amazing work. At our first engagement shoot, we both did not know what to do as we were never in a professional photo shoot. Alex helped us to ease the awkwardness and guided us through with artistic eyes. The pictures turned out amazing and received many compliments. Alex knows how to work his magic, his creativity and skills continued to surprise us.

Thank you Alex Studio for making the whole experience positive! We were frustrated with scheduling shoots due to our inflexible working schedule but they were willing to work with us and made things work! . Candy, who's behind the scene, has made the whole process even more smoother. Thank you again, Alex Studio, for your dedication and your awesome work!

Crystal K

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